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Welcome to my NEW blog!

For the longest time, I’ve had the yearning to write a blog from the heart. Something honest and raw - completely authentic. I’ve put it off for years because the idea of writing makes me anxious. Writing doesn’t flow out naturally the way I like. I want my writing to be perfectly articulate and poignant, brimming with wisdom. These lofty ideals have stopped me from even attempting a pen to paper. But perfection is an illusion. Even the greatest writers had multiple rewrites. I can’t expect to be perfect. I can only be me. 

The biggest challenge I found in writing honestly about my life is wanting to filter my experiences and only write the good parts. I find myself wanting to protect my image, my ego. I’m a private person so letting people know that I’m struggling with this or that makes me feel so naked. Yet I know protecting the ego just leads to a false sense of control and security. If I’m just myself - my honest self - I don’t have to worry about whether I’m good enough. I can be perfectly imperfect.

After reading about my experiences, both good and bad, I would love for you to walk away feeling validated in your existence because you’re going through that same thing I’m going through. When one of us suffers, we all suffer. We feel it subconsciously since we are all connected energetically.

It’s easy to get caught up in the illusions of a material existence. The daily grind makes us forget we are souls living a human experience. The more you neglect your spiritual self, the more depleted you feel, and the more difficult it becomes to experience a balanced and fulfilling life. 

When you continue to grow spiritually you become more connected to your divine self and to God. When you do the right things and have the right perspective, life is much more enjoyable without depending on material things. You become more content with the simple things in life. It’s the small things that will matter, like a chat with a good friend over a cup of coffee.  

In this blog, I want to document my spiritual growth. To discuss what I have learned, what I’m currently learning, and what I hope to learn. I want to sprinkle the insights about my journey with practical advice that you can incorporate into your everyday life. 

Together we can learn to shift thoughts and actions into more positive ones. We can grow and evolve as people and, in turn, make it a better world for all of us.

Thank you for reading! 

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