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Energy healing or Reiki is a gentle hands-on-healing method that assists in the body’s natural ability to heal. Healing brings more clarity, direction, and happiness in your life. You will feel better and lighter having released any physical or emotional pains.

Each session incorporates the methods of Shamanism and Reiki. When these two methods are combined, their powers are multiplied. Reiki focuses the universal life force energy to restore balance for ourselves and others. Shamanism taps the power and energy of nature and expanded spiritual realities to encourage harmony for individuals and communities.

I consciously use my hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. The body's chakras are cleared and activated to promote healing and remove any energetic blocks.

I work on a deep, emotional level to balance the client's energy field which helps release toxic ties to past traumas. Clients are then able to align their physical body, mind, and soul together.

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Sessions are done remotely. Energy flows at any distance. No distance is too far, you just need to be in a relaxed receptive state of being. A feedback discussion occurs after every session. Since sessions are personalized, you will receive a call after booking to discuss details.

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