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"A reading with Ciara is like a warm reassuring hug from the universe. Her energy is serene, grounding yet energizing - like a placid lake on a clear crisp day and her channeled messages are precise, poignant and clarifying. She is able to deftly sense and communicate from the other side - whether that be your guardian angels or your loved ones who have passed on. In my case, it was both - it was my grandpa and my guides. In the case of my grandpa, she was able to draw on his personality quirks such that I was able to recognize immediately who she was speaking to which made the message impactful and bittersweet. Ciara is truly gifted and leaves you feeling invigorated, healed and loved.  Amazingly, she brings her healing reiki energy into the products she makes (I’m addicted to her bath salts and luxurious rose body cream! I regret acknowledging that in a public forum since she was already sold out of it when I attempted to make my 3rd purchase on it…) Simply put, you will not regret experiencing a session with Ciara and if you want that soothing relaxing energy to linger…her homemade products does the trick!"
- Christine, Huntington Beach, CA

"Ciara was fantastic. She uncovered and confirmed so much of what I had been thinking and feeling recently. She is so friendly and made the experience so comfortable. Not to mention, she explained the entire process beforehand and answered any questions I had before starting. I will certainly be seeing her again."
- Kristina, Mission Viejo, CA

“Ciara is a truly gifted individual. She is kind and professional. Scheduling with her is easy.  She treats you like family from the moment you walk into her office. She’s clear and concise as to what might happen, easing any apprehension that may be there. At the end of my session, I felt as though she had wrapped my heart in healing ribbons of gold. It was just what I needed. 

    My daughter was able to have a session with her as well. I believe it was incredibly healing for her on so many levels. I want every member of my family and all of my friends to experience a reading with her.  I highly recommend her. She truly is an angel.”

- Billie, Yorba Linda, CA

"Truly an amazing experience. Ciara was answering questions that I've had about my life and myself for a long time. She talked to me about insecurities and thoughts that I'd never shared with anyone before and she helped me gain a lot of clarity about my path in this life. She was open with me about the entire process and  she helped me feel peaceful throughout the entire experience.

I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone, if you're in need of answers or any guidance she'll push you in the right direction. I experienced something today that everyone should experience at least once in their life. If you go to Ciara I promise you won't regret it."

- Johanna, Rowland Heights, CA

"I have been hesitant to see a psychic because I didn't know what to expect. I had the most wonderful, comfortable, life changing experience and reading with Ciara!! She makes you feel very comfortable, very at ease. She explains everything carefully and clearly. She gave me information that reassured me, comforted me and reaffirmed my journey here on this Earth. Even via a FaceTime reading, it was as if I was sitting with her in person. I can't believe the priceless information she was able to give to me and share with me that has changed my life for the better. I am so grateful for Ciara's gift and her careful, thoughtful preparation. I highly recommend you invest in Ciara and her incredible service and gift so that she can enhance and better your life!!!"
- Megan, Yorba Linda, CA

"Yesterday, I went with my husband to see Ciara. It was his very first spiritual healing experience. I was the one who dragged him. Before entering her office, he wasn't sure, after the session, walking out of the building, he mumbled, "I was impressed..." I was super impressed! The best of all I had in my life. She knew what was going through my mind, she answered all my questions without asking me what they were. I heard what I needed to hear! The session made me a real strong person and I feel like I was reborn! Ciara gave me some great suggestions which I already started doing and feeling great. My biggest problem was the anxiety issue. She knew it and was able to fix it in such an unique and powerful way!"
- Michiko, Rowland Heights, CA

"Recently, I have been on a journey to obtain clarity about my life path. I visited Ciara in search of guidance and she was able to provide the clarity and validation I needed to move forward in my path to self-discovery. I have struggled for a long time trying to figure out what my life path and purpose is and I feel that my session with her allowed me to see that I am already headed in the direction that I need get the answers I am seeking. I highly recommend Ciara if you are at path to self-discovery but find yourself lost and confused."
- Joyce, Rowland Heights, CA


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